The Seabhean

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The Seabhean (Sha-bon) is SHE who crosses the path between the worlds. Weaving the threads of the fabric of the Earth and those who live upon her. She holds the presence and inner-seeing of the Shaman and the wisdom of the Cailleach (Crone, Wise Woman). The way of the Celtic Shaman is ancient and rooted deeply in the traditions of our ancestors, which goes back over many thousands of years. 


The Way of the Seabhean allows a person to walk between the worlds, recognizing the interconnectedness between all living forces both seen and unseen. This Way allows a person to Journey into these worlds for healing, for answers, for visions, which brings a sense of continuity, wholeness and integration for self, the community and the world.


The Cailleach holds sacred the Mysteries/Rites of Passage for women and for the clan. She reminds us of who we are and the sacredness of passing on our tradition. Re-weaving, Re-membering, Re-trieving allows us to Re-claim our Passion and our Power.

The Way of the Seabhean allows you to: 

  • Use Drumming, rattle, dance, chants and sound to explore and travel the three worlds of our being: Lower, Middle and Upper World. The worlds contain all that we are and enable us to find the answers we seek within our being. 

  • Journey with the support of your animal totems, allies and ancestral teachers.

  • Connect with the Stone people, Tree Brethren and the Shining Ones

  • Connect with and embody the archetypes of the Ancient Goddesses as we walk upon the Wheel of the Ancient Sun

  • Follow ancient pathways to release family and ancestral patterns and personal blockages.

  • Soul retrieval, healing our great wounds and Cutting the Ties for both others and ourselves

  • Working through Dreamtime and illusion and ‘remembering’ how to use our energy wisely

  • Feel the pulse and rhythm's of our Mother Earth in the beat of our hearts. 

The role of the Seabhean is to keep the balance of the weave. To midwife both the birth and re-birth of The Goddess inside of you. She holds the stories and sings the chants, to remind us of our Own Story that we carry within our bones, and to awaken our memories within our blood so that we can dance and embrace all that we are.  She calls us to walk in our beauty. 


Empower The Goddess Within 

Explore The Way of The Seabhean by coming to a monthly gathering of Sacred Sisters. Or dive a little deeper in a 3 Day Immersion of The Way of the Seabhean

with Ancient Irish Medicine Woman Amantha Murphy coming to Vernon in April 2019

Open to all women! 

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