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The Way of the Seabhean TM 

Amantha Murphy is one of my Shamanic Teacher's. She is a healer and follows the path of the Goddess. She started her spiritual work publicly in 1970 as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within a few years. She developed many tools along the Way with her spirit and ancestral teachers guiding her, and continues to work with both individuals and groups, at home and internationally. She is a Mother of four and Grandmother of four, living in County Kerry, Ireland, and working primarily with the Land, Rites of Passage, and Ancient Goddess Pilgrimages. Her passion is the Land and returning to HER story -- working through the Grandmothers, the “Shining Ones” the Tuatha de Danann and the Ancient Ones. She has been running Sacred Pilgrimages in Ireland since 1992.

“From my earliest memories my spirit guides have been my constant companions. The spirit and fairy realm was more real to me than this reality. I grew up spending my summers here in Kerry with my grandmother, a midwife and healer, who opened my awareness from an early age to the essence of the Mother, the Land -- and Her Nature. It was she who introduced me to the Sacred Way and places to commune with the Great Mother.”

“I work primarily with the presence of the “Grandmothers” and the Way of the “Sidhe”, our Shining Ones, the Tuatha De Danann and the Ancient Ones, our Stone People. Ireland had a rich culture of indigenous teachings before the coming of the first Celts and it is in accessing that and connecting again with our Ancient Ones that we bring about the deep healing and communion both within and around us.”

“My work, my family, my loved ones, my passion for the Great Goddess and the Land -- this is what moves and feeds me. The Land is my Mother and she has held me for as long as I can remember.”

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